View Full Version : IRBlast crash

2005-08-25, 10:25

I posted earlier on teh ExBrowse2 test thread about a crash. I think it is
probably better handled in the IRBlast plugin. Line 506, in CommandCallback()
seems to be dependant on a client. It might be safer like so:

if( !defined $client || !($client->isa( "Slim::Player::Squeezebox2"))) {

This way, any faked IR (must be faked IR coming in somehow) with no client will
just bail safely.


Dave D
2005-08-25, 10:43
Well, that might explain the strange plugin behavior on this laptop (with no SB2 attached). Still don't know what's going on the home machine with the SB2, though.

(I just posted info to Beta -> "Firmware 17" thread.)

- Dave