View Full Version : Accessibility for visually impared

2005-08-25, 08:59

I'm looking into adding text to speech functionality to SlimServer. While I am a perl developer, I have no familiarity with SlimServer's code base, so I don't know where to start.

The idea is to have information about tracks stream out via a text to speech conversion, probably via the SAPI engine in Windows. There is a perl module for utilizing this engine, Win32::SAPI5.

So, can anyone give suggestions for how to approach this problem, and perhaps comment on how difficult it might be?


2005-08-26, 11:10
What I would really like to be able to do is this: when the text on the squeezebox changes, I would like a text to speech engine generate a sound file and send that to the squeezebox at the same time. It might be nice to also allow adding more information to be spoken too, for instance, more information about a track, like composer for a classical music piece.

Neil Sleightholm
2005-08-27, 10:15
I can't help with this but I do think it is a really good idea! I was speaking to a friends dad recently, he is virtually blind and listens to the Radio a lot and tapes programs. He was interested in the AlienBBC plugin to listen to BBC stations but without TTS it would be hard for him to use.