View Full Version : iTunes auto-playlists with with blank entries

2005-08-25, 07:28
I'm not exactly a beginner but a problem has developed. In playlists generated by iTunes, iTunes itself lists the items correctly. However, when I call up the same playlist in the Slimserver web interface, the "list" is there but the track information is totally blank. There is no text or information whatsoever in the listing. The only way I know it's there is that there is a scrollbar, and several pages if the list is long. When I try to play it on the Squeezebox, I get a message something like "File not found: ". Any idea what is happening?

This used to work, but I did an install of 6.1.1 into a new directory, and thus had to set up all the iTunes and playlist-paths, etc. anew. I guess there must be a problem here, but I can't see what. Any suggestions?

All the playlists to single-item radio stations that I stored in iTunes still work properly. Even more mystifying.

2005-08-29, 02:01
... or maybe I didn't explain myself clearly? Thanks if you have any hints at all.