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2005-08-24, 07:43
I've got a dlink DWL-p200 (http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=332&sec=0)
that I bought for my home broadband (long distance 802.11, I live in the
mountains). I switched providers and no longer need it. It'll do 2.5A @ 5V,
which should be fine (as noted below). $25 + USPS shipping to whoever wants

I also have 3 DHP-100 powerline adapters for sale
(http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=4). These are handy if you don't want to
mess with Wi-Fi, or have issues w/ 2.4GHz interference from other sources.
These are $35/ + USPS shipping. Buy all 3 and shipping's free.

All items in near new condition, original boxes with manuals, disks, etc.


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If the SB2 has the same 2.0A 5V PSU requirements as the Slimp3s and SB1 then
In theory, this should be possible. You are pretty much right at the edge
of the POE spec but there is a little margin.

Yes you can buy POE adapters that inject at one end and have another device
at the other end to extract a DC voltage, leaving the end device with a
normal Ethernet connection and separate PSU connection. D-Link even do one
which supplies 5V at 2.5A; it might meet your needs (
http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=0&pid=48 ). Cost isn't cheap though (US
$45) and you'd need to make sure you get a good 5V regulated output from it.


Just an idle thought - where I work we use IP phones powered over the
LAN wiring using Power over Ethernet (IEEE802.3af).

Could this also be used to power a Squeezebox2?

I don't know very much about these things however are there such things
as an off-the-shelf adaptor for Power over Ethernet that would be
suitable for a SB2 power input?