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Philip Meyer
2005-08-24, 01:30
Maybe I misunderstood what this rescan checkbox does. I thought it would leave the music library untouched and just refresh any changes made to playlists (not sure if it adds new ones, deletes playlists that are not on disk anymore though).

However, having performed this "rescan playlists only" this morning, I found that it has wiped my music library and only scanned music that is referenced from playlists. i.e. I have 7 artists and 7 albums, instead of around 1000 that I usually have listed in the library.

In fact, on closer inspection in the Web UI browse by albums, it reports the full database of 1081 albums with 38259 songs by 7 artists, but only 6 albums (all ones that are referenced by my playlists) and "All Songs" are listed.

Clicking on "All Songs" link only lists the songs from the playlists (about 38200 songs short of 38259!).

Curiously, browsing down to "All Songs" changes the browse link path to "/Browse Songs", but there isn't such a browse method in the Fishbone skin drop-down list. eg. if I start with "Browse Artists" and select All Albums, it takes me to "Browse Albums", and selecting All Songs takes me to "Browse Songs". Perhaps this should really be "/ Browse Artists / All Albums / All Songs /", so it is easy to navigate back?

WinXP Pro, 6.2b1 - 4030.

2005-08-24, 07:37
And I've wondered what happens when you select both checkboxes to rescan the library AND ONLY rescan playlists. These seem to be disjoint, and would perhaps be better served by radio buttons.

Philip Meyer
2005-08-25, 01:23
>Yes I get this too - has anyone opened a bug for it?
Thanks for the confirmation. I have raised bug 2016.

I copied the whole of my original email into that bug description. However, thinking about it the last para should probably be regarded as a different problem or feature request.