View Full Version : More Playlist Problems

Philip Meyer
2005-08-24, 00:44
Through the web ui (fishbone skin), I edited a playlist to delete the first track. Upon saving the playlist, the first track was actually reported as "".

Some strange things were going on with the playlist and currently playing music after this - eg. when trying to delete other tracks, it would delete the wrong one, and I think on at least one occasion the currently playing track restarted.

I opened the playlist in a text editor; the first line appears to be blank. I removed the blank line from the file and attempted to rescan playlists only. slim.exe ran at 95% CPU for 10 minutes. Possibly this was because I still had the playlist open in the text editor; after a while I closed it. Curiously, music continued to play uninterrupted, which is good!

WinXP Pro, 6.2b1 - 4030.