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2005-08-22, 10:34
Could someone please give me a newbieguide how to find my iTunes playlists ?

My slimserver 6.1.1 is installed on my c: hd and working. It looks in f: for all my music (externel hd), and my library is about 34000 songs.
I have installed iTunes on my c: hd, and it works fine. My only problem is how to find my iTunes playlists using slimserver ?

What settings to I have to check ? Slimserver just say empty in my playlists link ?

Please give me a newbieguide how to solve the problem.

Craig, James (IT)
2005-08-22, 10:55
First thing to check is that you have 'use iTunes' selected in the first
page of SlimServer's Server Settings,
and you should also have an 'iTunes' tab in the Server Settings page.

I am not entirely sure what will happen if you already have all your
music in SlimServer
(presumably iTunes is looking at the same set of tracks?)
But that's the first thing to check anyway...


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2005-08-22, 11:46
Under server settings i find:

Music folder: F:
Playlistfolder: empty
Rescan music library:

Am I missimg something ?

Use iTunes ? Where ?

Slimserver and iTunes use the same tracks btw.

2005-08-23, 00:48
There should be a 'use iTunes' section between playlist folder and rescan library!

Have you got the 'iTunes' plugin enabled in the plugins section?

2005-08-23, 07:35
There is no "use iTunes" section in my slimserver menu. The "iTunes plugin" is enabled.

Here is an answer I got on mail, but I have not tried this solution yet.


We've encountered a couple of problems that seem to occur when iTunes
is being used but the library or XML file have been moved from their
default locations. It can also cause the 'Use iTunes' option to

To get iTunes recognized again on this system, we should:
- stop slimserver by right-clicking the system tray icon
- remove the slimserver.pref file (in C:\Program
- remove the slimserversql.db file (in C:\Program
- restart the server
- go in to Server Settings and turn Use iTunes on.

If the Use iTunes option is still not present, do the following:
- go to server settings -> itunes
- specify itunes xml file location manually (example: C:\Documents and
Settings\Username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music
- specifying the alternate music folder location
- setting it to specify itunes library location manually
- restart slimserver
- rescan music library from server settings with the clear cache
checkbox checked

If Use iTunes still does not show up:
- stop the server
- click start
- click run
- type in 'services.msc' and hit enter
- find slimserver in the list and double-click it
- click Log On, and set it to Log On to your username
- specify your password and verify it. then click apply and close out
- restart SlimServer using the system tray icon

2005-08-23, 08:10
Do try this and let us know what works.



On Aug 23, 2005, at 7:35 AM, mrmattis wrote:

> There is no "use iTunes" section in my slimserver menu. The "iTunes
> plugin" is enabled.
> Here is an answer I got on mail, but I have not tried this solution
> yet.

2005-08-23, 16:49
I get the "no iTunes playlists" problem as well quite frequently (once a week). I usually end up reinstalling the SB2 6.1.1 server software from scratch to "fix" it. When I reinstall the server software the "use iTunes" option is in the Server Settings options page but then subsequently disappears (I think when I rescan my library with clear cache checked). Pretty frustrating because I need to clear my library often due to maintenance I do to my MP3 tags (mostly consolidating Artist names).

I have posted my issues a few times in this forum and things are generally working ok right now but jsut this morning I had to reinstall again.