View Full Version : Music library: Web interface <-> SB2

2005-08-22, 09:15

This problem is driving me nuts:
I have now ripped all my CDs and copied the (WMA) files to my Slimserver.
I have scanned, rescanned, completely scanned, utter-supremely etc.etc. scanned the music library and my problem is as follows:
For some artists (for instance Diana Krall) I can see all the albums (6) when I choose to "Browse artist" in the WWW interface (using http://slimserver:9000), but only some (2) of them when choosing "Browse artist" using either my SB2 or the Softsqueeze application. I can of course find the albums using the "Browse music folder" but then again...

If I choose to play one of the not-browsable-from-SB2 albums using the WWW GUI it does play the album, but the SB2 becomes non-responsive during the playback (really, it does not even react on a press of the "Power"-button?!?!)

What is going on here? Any clues?

Btw, running firmware 16 (WOL working very nicely, thank you!!! :-) and Slimserver 6.2b1