View Full Version : Radio tuning problem

2005-08-21, 17:56
I have purchaced a squeezebox and am awaiting delivery. In the meantime I am trying softsqueeze. I live in Mexico and my primary use for the system is to listen to radio stations from home on our stereo.

I tried to load my favourite home station using two different methods but neither worked;

When I pasted the url


into the window in the web interface, it appears to load but STOP is lit and it won't play. If I load it as an item in a playlist into softsqueeze nothing happens.

I also tried making the same url a favourite on the squeezenetwork and playing from there. This time I saw an error message "wmv convert error, check file types." I have checked and all seems OK.

An ideas?


2005-08-21, 20:26
Suddenly everything has started working.

Go figure.