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2005-08-21, 02:50
Sorry if this is a bit off topic but i guess the answer might be useful to others...
Just scared myself to death with the sudden inability of slimserver to find any of my music files at all - neither could itunes. Turned out that I had accidentally dropped my itunes folder "down a level" by accidentally creating a new folder e.g. from this: tera1\share\itunes

to this: tera1\share\newfolder\itunes - fixed the problem but it brings up the whole issue of how best to "secure" the core music folder(s) from accidental fiddling. All of my music is on a terastation which runs linux i think but i cant see any obvious way within windows or the tera management system to ALLOW the writing of files through the usual itunes ripping process but DISALLOW anybody (me included) from doing anything to the folder without some password type process. I know this will turn out to have some simple answer...

(to summarise my system pc runs windows xp sp2, using itunes for ripping to lossless aac and general management, all music sorted on terastation (raid 5))

2005-08-25, 05:04
Not sure of the details of how you'd do this with your terastation, but on my all-windows system I have my main library on a read-only share which anyone can get at. Then a separate share read-write for new stuff to be ripped into, and a copy process (automated or manual, as you wish).

Does this help?


2005-08-25, 07:05
yes that does give me some ideas - do you know of a suitable shareware/freeware folder to folder backup/mirror utility you would recommend or does xp have something?