View Full Version : Multiple SimpleAsyncHTTP calls

2005-08-20, 08:37
Per someone's suggestion I went ahead and started updating my SuperDateTime plugin to use SimpleAsyncHTTP. I thought I had done all the proper changes, however, SimpleAsyncHTTP does not seem to be able to handle multiple simultaneous calls.

For example, the plugin needs to contact several different web pages for data (weather, football, baseball, etc.). I have different procedures for each, that each create their own SimpleAsyncHTTP object. When it's time to update the data I call them all in a row. Unfortunately, it seems that if the first SimpleAsyncHTTP object has not yet called back a new SimpleAsyncHTTP object wipes it out. As a result, I only get data from the last SimpleAsyncHTTP object I create.

Is it supposed to function this way? If so, what happens if one plugin creates a new SimpleAsyncHTTP object before a totally different plugin with a SimpleAsyncHTTP calls back?

I can easily update my plugin to synchronously make the calls, but it seems to defeat the purpose of having Async functionality.


2005-08-23, 08:34
Bueller? Bueller?

Come on guys. Anyone have any ideas here?