View Full Version : Mixing multiple sound sources

2005-08-20, 05:36
I noticed the crossfade option and was wondering if the same underlying mechanism could possibly be used as the basis for a new feature that would allow mixing notification sounds in with the music.

I would like to use this for email notifications and similar type of events.

2005-11-04, 13:46

I was wondering the same thing. Can't find any answer in the forums (forae?).

As far as I can see in the server code, the cross-fading is specified by a bit in the TCP protocol (byte actually, since it seems to allow a few options, fade in, fade out, crossfade).

To me, the question is, what is the underlying hardware doing? Are there two DACs? Is something adding adding the two signals together somehow before sending them to a DAC?

And could this mechanism also be used for override sounds in the middle of a song (as this thread asked earlier) or what I asked in this thread http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=17475 a week or so ago.