View Full Version : Restrict MP3 vs. FLAC formats by the player and/or player type?

2005-08-19, 11:50
Hello Everyone,

So I have both an original Slimp3 in one room and a SB2 in another. I've also recently been encoding everything in both FLAC and MP3 to save on re-ripping and really use the SB2 to it's full audio potential with FLAC. But I found a problem for my specific setup. If put both the MP3s and FLACs in the same directory and if I play songs via the "Browse Music Folder", it plays the FLAC version of the song first. That's ok for the SB2 (it natively supports the format) but the Slimp3 needs the FLAC to be transcoded first but my lowly P200 server doesn't have enough CPU power to transcode and thus the music glitches *badly* (read: unusable).

So, is there a way to restrict a given player to specific formats if both FLAC and MP3 file types exist or just have the server strict a specific format ban per player type (MP3 for the Slimp3 and FLAC for the SB2)?

As a work around, I am moving the MP3s and FLACs into different sub-directories but I rather not if I have to.



2005-10-31, 01:27
Did you ever get an answer to this question? I'd like to store my MP3 and FLAC files in the same tree (not neccessarily in the same folders) and have softsqueeze use only the the MP3s and my SB2 use the FLACs only.



2005-10-31, 05:17
to selectively choose formats for different players you have to edit convert.conf.

I have played only a little bit with this file, so for more help look at the 'Ripping / Encoding / Transcoding / Tagging' forum.

The line
mp3 mp3 * * .....
says when you choose a mp3 file convert it to mp3 for all player types and all players.

So to send only mp3 files to the slimp3 you would change the line above to read
mp3 mp3 slimp3 *
and to send flac to the squeezebox only would update
flac flac * *
flac flac squeezebox *

Anyway, have a look at the other forum for more, and better explained, information about convert.conf. Also, always make a backup of convert.conf just in case.