View Full Version : OT: I want a pony! (was Re: Re: Skipping/seeking nolonger working in 6.1)

2005-08-19, 09:41
On 8/19/05 4:55 AM, "Marc Sherman" <msherman (AT) projectile (DOT) ca> wrote:

> Marc Sherman wrote:
>> You think you got it bad, I started this whole pony thing, and just
>> because I happen to be perfectly content with my SB1g (still running
>> 5.4.1, no less!), I never got a pony! :)
>> Yeah, I know, the visualizers on the SB2 are pretty cool looking, but
>> my 9 month old daughter is completely mesmerized by the rotating text
>> on the SB1g Now Playing screen, so I see no need to upgrade.
>> Seriously, I should post a photo, she just stares at the thing when
>> we're listening to music. It's better than TV!
> Thanks, guys. To quote my wife when she opened the package for me
> yesterday while I was at work, "That is one creepy ass pony." I think
> she found the sunken eyes a bit unsettling. :)
> - Marc