View Full Version : Issue entering file path for music/playlists

2005-08-17, 18:27
I have my music and playlists stored across a Windows network with shares turned on (and working fine for normal file sharing). When using 6.1.1 of slimserver, I get an error when saving a path change saying that the directory I entered is invalid. This is regardless of whether I specify the network path or the mapped drive path. I've never had this problem before using networked drives.

The only thing unique is that I cleared and saved the paths with nothing in them before trying to enter these paths - so now the program has no pointers to music/playlist directories. It seems that once I cleared the path and saved it, it wouldn't accept these new paths. Known bug?

2005-08-17, 21:15
Make sure that slimserver.exe has rights to the network drive. See the FAQ's in the software itself or do a search for topics that I have participated in. I had the exact same problem. You have to grant slimserver access to the network drives via Control Panel/Adminstration/Services before it will see the drives.

Even then, I had to enter the network map as opposed to the drive alias (K:).