View Full Version : sb2 setup - can't get wifi connection

2005-08-17, 16:29
i'm using the apple airport extreme to connect the sb2 wireless to my mac mini, but in setup, the unit says it can't find the network. they're located quite near each other, so can't believe i need a repeater or the like. thoughts?

2005-08-18, 05:43
Now I could be talking a load of codswallop here as I'm new to all this wireless networking too, but is the router set up to broadcast the SSI? I'm under the impression that if it's not, then the SB2 (or any other wireless device) won't see the network. So maybe try turning it on, setting up the SB2, then go back and turn it off again.

But as I say I may be talking BS!

2005-08-18, 19:13
You need to either broadcast the SSID or tell the SB2 what the SSID is. It's a slight level of 'security by obscurity' to turn off SSID broadcasts, so you may want to do that and tell the SB2 what your SSID is so it can find the network.