View Full Version : Remote from one room activates another room squeeze box

2005-08-17, 09:02
Hi all,

i have a glass dividing wall in a flat that i am developing and operating the slim remote for the squeeze box in the lounge also controls the squeezebox in the kitchen! Any ideas apart from the obvious - relocating the boxes so there is no line of site.

I use some projectors where it is possible to code the remotes to the units, so they only affect there own projector, may be this could be a idea to impliment?

Any help much appreciated.

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Dave D
2005-08-17, 11:34
1) In Slimserver, Player Settings -> Remote, there's an option to use Slim Devices remote or JVC remote. If you happen to have a JVC remote, it seems you could make one box respond only to that remote and one box respond only to the SD remote.

2) Here's a wacky idea. Maybe one layer of transparent tape on top of the remote's LED would decrease the output enough to not activate both boxes. (Or on the box side in front of the receiver). I'm only half-kidding...it's worth a quick try.

3) Use older batteries in the remote (also only half-kidding).

4) The Slim hardware team could say if there's a simple resistor change on the remote or the box would would reduce output level on the remote or reduce input sensitively on the box. That would probably require soldering, though, if it could be done at all.

Does moving out of line of sight even work? The glass wall could be reflecting or refracting light so line of sight is not necessary.

This is another application for the IR blaster, by the way. (Allow one squeezebox to optionally respond to a separate set of remote controls from a brand of IR blaster.)