View Full Version : RFI from SB2 wall wart

2005-08-17, 06:35
A friend of mine just purchased a SB2 (based upon my recommendation) and he
loves it except for one thing. The switcher that SlimDevices uses is throwing
out so much RFI that he has to unplug it to listen to radio. This is both AM
and FM.

He emailed Slim and they sent a new wall wart, which is better, but still
throwing hash. I know I've seen this issue addressed before but a quick search
of the archives didn't provide any solutions.

Can someone recommend a good analog wall-wart? I think the problem is
size/weight as the current one is 5V (AT) 2A (DOT) I would like to give him some help or
he's going to get frustrated and return the whole bloody thing for a refund.

- Mike Scott
- mscott (AT) pyewacket (DOT) org

2005-08-17, 10:17
This has come up before. The Unifive power supply makes some RFI but it is well under CE/FCC limits. It's not something we can do anything about unless we changed to the enormous linear wall warts. AM/FM radio reception has to be REALLY weak in the first place for there to be issues. Usually moving the receiver's antenna fixes it.