View Full Version : How to run Slimserver from XP ltd user account

Pascal Herczog
2005-08-16, 10:30
I have previously installed Slimserver 5.4.1 via my XP admin account, and applied the DOS CACL command to make the slimserver program directory writable by the limited user accounts I have. It is from one of these user accounts that I normally start Slimserver (not as a service), and the music is on a D: drive locally.

When I attempted to instal v6.1, I found that it now runs as a service, which would be fine except I can only get it to work if started from my admin account. If I try to start it from my limited user account, it just sits there forever saying that it is starting, so I'm guessing that it is being denied access to something.

Is there a simple guide on what I would have to do make it run (when invoked manually) from a limited user account? I don't want it to always run by default as the PC is of limited spec and sometimes I need all the grunt/memory I can get for other stuff, and don't want to have to keep switching to the admin account just for Slimserver.


2005-08-16, 11:02
You would probably need to grant your user account the power to start/stop services, which is done via the local security policy config.