View Full Version : C: and F: music file locations

Deaf Cat
2005-08-16, 01:27

Hope I am not being too daft, but am I able to tell slimserver to scan two different drives/folders for music as I have run out of room and need to use a different hard disc.

Look forward to hearing any help.

2005-08-16, 02:40
Slimserver only allows you to define one location/drive as your music source. To get Slimserver see additional drives you will need to create a shortcut to the second hard drive. So, in the music directory on your C: you create a shortcut to the music directory on your F: drive. When slimserver rescans it will following the shortcut and find your second drive.

Just make sure that you do not have any shortcuts on your F: drive that point back to the C: drive, else you get circular references and slimserver will go around in circles until it runs out of memory.

Hope that helps

Deaf Cat
2005-08-24, 01:41
Works a Treat