View Full Version : SVN 3920 breaks CLI "playlist save" command

2005-08-15, 17:43

In SVN 3920 you committed a patch that does this:

# Pass this back to the caller.
$p0 = $playlistObj;

The CLI will echo $p0 back to the caller and in this case is will not
be "playlist" as it should but

playlist save tt
file%3A%2F%2F%2FUsers%2Ffred%2FMusic%2FPlaylists%2 Ftt.m3u save tt

Given the architecture of Command:execute (that we can discuss), the
way to achieve what you are looking for is an explicit callback, I
believe. You can't assign anything to $pX that you do not want printed.

(As a side effect, said playlist tt contains an ugly "CURTRACK 0",
see attached dump)