View Full Version : Kan I get kenradio.com on my SliMP3?

Raymond Day
2005-08-15, 11:59
I love to get Ken Radio to play on my SliMP3 player. This player is so good. I have the server running on Fedora Linux core 3.

Ken Radio has new about 30 min. Mon - Fri tech talk. He has a audio link that are the "today" ones. I tested links like this in the "Home / Internet Radio"




That's the only today links up there. Is there a way to get My Slim Devices to play it? I have the older smaller Slim player with Ethernet.

-Raymond Day

Raymond Day
2008-01-03, 12:58
Today I got kenradio working. Went to port 9000 and under INTERNET RADIO I did Tune In URL and pasted in "http://www.kenradio.com/rss.php" at the right side it did a play list of the last 10 days of kenradio.

Now I like to know if I can just get it saved some place so I can turn on my slimp3 player and under radio do the today kenradio that is the 1st on on the play list it did.

Any one know how I do that?