View Full Version : Linkstation slimserver performance

2005-08-13, 13:56
I have been following the discussions on installing slimserver on an NAS with interest, in particular the Linkstation.

Does anybody have any feedback on performance ? I realise this is a difficult subject but I am trying to decide whether to buy a Linkstation - I have a Slimp3 and about 30,000 MP3 tracks. Do you think the Linkstation is up to it (with the limited memory) ?

Thanks in advance for any advice...


2005-08-13, 16:57
I have slimserver running on a Linkstation2 and it does what I want, it plays my music through my amp.

I do not suffer any pauses in normal use, but do get them sometimes if I am accessing the web interface while playing. The search time is OK, about 1-3 seconds, and I have just under 10,000 songs. The web interface is slow, but I only use it to set things up.

I went this route as I didn't want to have my pc on all the time, and I'm glade that I did.

Hope this helps.