View Full Version : ac3 files playback

2005-08-13, 08:48
I've just got a squeezebox1.
I'd like to kno, if it's possible, how to enable the playback of .ac3 files, possibly sending them directly to the av receiver wich has an internal dd/dts/dpl2 decoder so I can have multichannel output. the sb is connected to the receiver using a coaxial cable.

I tried editing the convert.conf (added ac3 ac3 - at the end of file) but nothing changes :(

Another question... I use ac3filter to convert aac and othe audio streams to ac3 in realtime when watching movies (it works with drm wma multichannel too...). Is it possible to have all the multichannel files processed by ac3filter before sending them to the sb1 ?