View Full Version : Minor Forum/List issues

Neil Davidson
2005-08-13, 01:35
I've been a member of the list for quite a few years now (since the Yahoo
groups days) and actually really like the new forum/list approach, but I
have discovered a few little problems.

There has been a couple of posts on the Audiophiles board in the past couple
of days that have had images attached to them, these don't transfer very
well to the list.

There is a text block with links to the forum attachments which is neat, but
it only shows the first file, not all of them. Also the link in Outlook is
broken (doesn't get highlighted in blue). This is because the http://....
Part is hard up against the pipe making the box, put a space in there and it
will work (the pipe at the end of the link will also cause problems)

Any chance of getting these fixed? I know they aren't big things, just a
little annoying :)



Sample attachment text block:
|Filename: MF-RACK_small.JPG |