View Full Version : Suggestion: Power Nap Plugin

2005-08-12, 19:34
I thought this would be a neat plugin if someone wants to take it on. Unfortunately, I don't have the skills to do it myself.

Power Nap plugin - sort of a combination of sleep timer and alarm plugin.

In web UI, set up amount of time for sleep timer to run when Power Nap is enabled (default of 15-20 minutes would be good) and amount of quiet nap time before the alarm comes on. Also probably need to be able to specify the wake-up volume and maybe a playlist.

When the plugin is activated, the current playlist starts playing for the amount of time specified, then music fades out, and after the quiet time, the alarm comes on.

Obviously I can do this by manually setting the current sleep timer and alarm, but it would be cool to do it quickly by just setting Power Nap ON or pressing a button on the remote.