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2005-08-12, 11:03
I've been tagging FLAC files with the Vorbis comment ENSEMBLE for orchestras and choruses, etc. This doesn't show up v6.1.1 (b3774 on WinXP SP2) as an artist when "Include composer, band and orchestra in artists" is set.

I've been meaning to find out why for a long time and Dan Sully's explanation of the new VA logic (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showpost.php?p=47590&postcount=14) gave me the impetus to look. Looking through the code (Slim::Formats::FLAC), I think the BAND Vorbis comment is used for BAND contributor role, rather than ENSEMBLE (if that's the right terminology). I'm guessing the relevant line is "my @tagNames = qw(ALBUM ARTIST BAND COMPOSER CONDUCTOR DISCNUMBER TITLE TRACKNUMBER DATE);" - but I don't know Perl.

The references I've used (http://hobba.hobba.nl/audio/tag_frame_reference.html and http://reference.reactor-core.org/ogg-tagging.html) suggest ENSEMBLE is the one to use (I'm using these since there's no 'official' standard).

I'm know there's been talk of making the tag/comment > role user-customisable (good idea!), but in the short term is it worth creating a Bugzilla bug/feature request for ENSEMBLE as the Vorbis comment instead of/along with BAND? Or have I got it all wrong?


2005-08-13, 10:43
In Slim::Formats::FLAC, changing "my @tagNames = qw(ALBUM ARTIST ENSEMBLE COMPOSER CONDUCTOR DISCNUMBER TITLE TRACKNUMBER DATE);" to "my @tagNames = qw(ALBUM ARTIST ENSEMBLE COMPOSER CONDUCTOR DISCNUMBER TITLE TRACKNUMBER DATE);" and adding the line " 'ENSEMBLE' => 'BAND'," in the "my %tagMapping = (" seems to have worked to replace BAND with ENSEMBLE.

I'd like to be able to add PERFORMER as a contributor (for solo artists, e.g. "Maxim Vengerov (violin)"). I don't think this can be done in the same way since all I've done is to alter the comment that's retrieved from the file and then the mapping to the built-in BAND role. Is there an easy way of doing this without having to touch lots of files? I don't think so but want to check.

Didn't say before, but SB2 + v6.1 is great - even better than the SB + v5.4 I had before. Thanks to all involved.