View Full Version : Very Very Long Pauses between Tracks

2005-08-12, 06:11

This only started to happen yesterday, and I have no idea what has changed.

I currently have two sb2's, one wired and one wireless, last night whilst they were synched I started to get pauses of 1 - 2 mins between tracks on a music magic playlist. At first I thought this was because the server was doing a full rescan. However the 'problem' has persisted. I have tried running both boxes un synched, but I still get the long pauses, likewise when playing straight from an album, sans playlist. I also thought it might be a wireless problem, but it also affects the wired box.

I have not used the crossfade facility, and curently it is set to 'none' and 0 which I assume is the default.

Is there an obvious debug setting I can use to trace what is going on during these pauses.

Any suggestions.



2005-08-12, 10:40
OK sorted it now. For some reason I had clicked on the itunes update, and I guess as I have no FLAC file in Itunes (funnily enough) it was having a hard time of it.

Anyway problem solved