View Full Version : Can't connect to SS with my new SB2

2005-08-11, 05:37
Edit: All appears okay now - a reboot of XP seemed to do the trick.

2005-08-11, 06:13
> Slimserver - it just says 'connecting to slimserver' for about 5
> seconds and then it just switches off. All the details seem to be okay,
> WEP code, SSID code, MAC code but it just doesn't work. I've been into
> the firewall of the new router and manually set up 3483 TCP/UDP and
> 9000 TCP ports but with the same result. Any help would be appreciated
> in getting my new toy, sorry acquisition working!

Routers usually have a WAN and one ore more LAN ports. To which port did
you connect your server? If it's on the LAN side you should not need to
fiddle with the firewall. Can you try to ping the SB from your computer?
The router's dhcp server should give you its ip address.



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2005-08-11, 06:55
Michael, it finally got going so I assume it was a reboot of Windows that did it.

However listening to internet radio is currently a no no, because the sound just drops out all the time making it unuseable. Playing music from the server appears to be okay however, so I'm stumped why one works but the other doesn't. I'm on broadband so the internet radio stream should be okay - playing via Softsqueeze confirms this.

Yet via the Squeezebox it breaks up, and every now and then the display says 'Problem - lost contact with SlimServer', yet the signal strength is 70%+ all the time. I even took the Squeezebox apart to check the internal connectors are fully inserted but they appear fine. In fact an internal sticker says May2005 on it so I assume the player is one with the extra glue to make sure this doesn't happen.

It did have firmware 11 on it, now updated to version 14. It's just the break-ups of the internet radio that currently is a PITA. One other thing, at the beginning of all the hassle is that the player had the response time of an elephant on sleeping drugs, in that I could press buttons on the remote and nothing would happen - then all of a sudden the player would seem to 'catch up' with the keypresses.This seems to have got better but it can still have these lapses of control. Any ideas?

2005-08-11, 08:07
Okay, I've finally nailed it. Seems I must live in an area with loads of wireless 'systems' so the wireless connection between the router and the Squeezebox was 'under bombardment'. When I set up the router I turned off 'protected mode' because it said 'best performance will be got if set to off'. However due to all the above interference I've turned it back to on and all the stuttering and audio break-up has gone. So this is a post just in case any other person has a similar issue.

BTW the Squeezebox, now it's working, is brilliant!