View Full Version : Browse Artwork - categorise pages by letter, not page number?

2005-08-10, 12:24
In browse artwork, the pages are split up in an "arbitrary" size (i.e. in my case 50 items per page). With over 1,500 albums, it's quite hard to browse through everything and find what I'm looking for - there's a lot of trial and error involved in finding the right page!

Is it possible to browse artwork and separate the pages alphabetically (i.e. in the same way "Browse Artists" works)?

I'm not sure if this is a setting I need to change somewhere or if it is a new feature request!


Patrick Dixon
2005-08-11, 01:34
It's a new feature request.

You can change the number of items per page though (Server Settings->Interface->Items per Page). I'm using 60, since it's divisible by all the integers up to 6, you should always get a full bottom row of cover artwork - which looks neater!