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2005-08-09, 21:52

I have Win XP with a wireless PCI adapter and am trying to connect to my wireless SB2.

There is currently no network set up. How do I set up a DHCP network server from my PC so that my SB2 can find it? Is there a different way to connect?

do i need a another program to do this (if so can you pls recommend...?)

once i have a network set up I know what to do - i have tested the SB2 on another wireless network (using a hub) and it worked beautifully.

If possible i would not like to have a hub - just a peer to peer connection.

any help would be appreciated...


2005-08-09, 22:17
since you're going peer-to-peer, just use a static IP address on both systems. Since you've already configured one on your PC, configure another one in the same subnet for your sb2. Don't waste your time w/DHCP for a p2p setup.

2005-08-09, 22:34
that would be great, but...

how do i tell my SB2 what static IP to use - i get stuck at "choose wireless network (SSID)"

i have tried to create an SSID using win xp network setup wizard but it doesn't seem to work when i try and find the network with my SB2...

any ideas?

2005-08-09, 22:48
You're creating an Ad-Hoc wireless network. You have to create an SSID that matches on both systems. After you've selected your SSID (try setting up your card on your XP box to broadcast the SSID so you'll see it on the sb2 - but i'm not sure if you can do that in Ad-Hoc mode), then you'll get to the next network params.

2005-08-10, 03:19

perfect - thanks for the advice,

all working now...

2005-08-10, 07:41
You're welcome. Its nice to hear of your success.