View Full Version : What ports to forward?

2005-08-09, 05:48
I just ordered my second SB2 and will use it at work to access my music from the server at home. I will use ssh-tunnels to forward the required port(s) to my machine at work. I just wonder what ist the default portnumber that the box uses to access the server? I couldn't find it...

2005-08-09, 13:26
9000 and 3483.

2005-08-09, 13:41
thanks. I suppose the 3483 is the one that I have been looking for. I'll have to see if I'll use the remote or the web-interface. Just to be sure: the 9000 is _only_ the web-interface and the box does not use or need it, right? Well, I'll just try it. :-)
Thanks again

2005-08-09, 14:09
Without connecting to the web interface, I see that 9000 is used. So you probably need both ports open.