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2005-08-08, 11:11
I've retag all my Asian name songs into Unicode (UTF-8)with the hope that they'll show up ok in my browser with Slim Server. It turns out the effort was worth it. It worked, mostly.

However, there are still two problems:

1) Under "Browse Music Folder", Chinese and Japanese characters won't show up at all. This is not a huge problem but I just feel really puzzled because since I use iTunes to organize my files, it would have just renamed all the folders so it matches the artist's name in the tag. As a result, they should be exactly the same as the artist name which showed up perfectly under "Browse Artist".

2) The second area where Chinese/ Japanese characters doesn't show up at all was under the iTunes Playlist imported into Slim. Not only did the characters not show up but it seemed like Slim cannot read it off from itunes's music library at all. Under a playlist where all the song's name are in Chinese, it only displays the number of songs in the list but nothing shows up and if I click play, it'll just say it's empty.

Any idea?

2005-08-18, 21:37
This thread might interests you.


2005-09-03, 01:20
Jenma, this is available now and is working fine. Download 6.2 nightly to try.

2005-12-24, 13:20
I've finally got around to try out the beta 6.2.2 but when I rescan the libary, all the songs with and Chinese characters in the tagging are gone, not recognizable by the server. This is really weird because most of these worked fine on the older version.

I haven't even attempted to make this work on SP3. Can someone explain to me in plain English what I need to do to install the unicode fonts?


2005-12-26, 09:31
OK, I found out the previous problem was caused because I was trying to sync with itunes library which is probably not encoded with unicode. It's working now after I just skip iTunes and sync with the original music folders.

2006-01-14, 17:05
Hi Jenma,

I have difficulties in displaying my chinese songs on the SB3. Can you share your experience with me? How to retag the songs in unicode?

I am using iTunes as well.


2006-01-15, 03:48
I just used a software called tag and rename to retag all the chinese song files so they're in unicode.

Also, don't let Slim Server to use iTunes's library. Just direct it to your music folder and let Slim find all the tags itself. This should solve the problem.

2006-02-01, 07:17
Hi Jenma,
Do you mind telling me where you downloaded the Tag software? The ones I looked at were all very complicated to use and I'm unsure how to "retag" the song titles for all my Chinese albums. Thanks!