View Full Version : Re:Security consequences of opening port 9000 "and beyond"

2005-08-05, 17:24
I agree

If someone wants something bad enough there is absolutely nothing you
can do to stop them short of destroying what they want. There comes a
point when the cost of securing something out weighs its value. It's up
to you to determine what that value is and how far you are willing to go
to keep it secure. You can put 2 alarms in your car, ignition kill,
club, brake lock,
The boot, gps tracking what ever you want. I'll show up with a yellow
flatbed w/ AAA on the side and take it off a busy city street in the
middle of the day with people all around and nobody would think anything
of it.

> It is nice to see the voice of sensibility regarding this security
> question finally tilting the scales towards reason.
> I see these things as risk/reward propositions. In this case, as some
> feel, the risk of an attack is low, yet they fail to quantify the cost
> (negative reward) of a succesfully attack, which could be dramatic and
> high. The flip side reduces the risk to almost nil, and the cost is
> minimal (learning to install and configure a piece of software), and
> the reward is quite high (peace of mind, supplimental knowledge useful
> for other inet apps and services). When there is such an imbalance in
> the risk/reward proposition, the choice is clear.
> --
> MrC