View Full Version : how to keep prefs during an update

2005-08-05, 05:41
i just updated from 6.0.1 to 6.1.1 on FC4, by doing "rpm -e slimserver" and then installing the new rpm. all my settings were blown away - how do i preserve them during an update?

Patrick Dixon
2005-08-05, 06:12
The preferences file is /etc/slimserver.prefs

2005-08-05, 06:21
thanks - i now see a slimserver.conf (not .pref) file and the old one as slimserver.conf.rpmsave

Patrick Dixon
2005-08-05, 07:14
I'm not sure /etc/slimserver.conf is the preference file - isn't it a config file for the slimserver daemon? I think you should also have a slimserver.pref - it may be in your home directory (slimserver's home that is).