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2005-08-05, 04:33
Me and a pal, who lives just round the corner, are both recent converts to the wonderful world of Slimserver...!!

I'd like to be able to point my slimserver box at his music library (with his permission of course!) - and vice versa.

I know I can access remote librarys using the Slimserver web based interface (after opening the relevant port), and also that its possible to map drive letter access to locations on machines over the internet, and then point the Slimserver at this new location - but when this is on the other side of a router this is not so simple.

Can anyone recommend a way forward to solving this problem?
(ideally i'd like to 'virtually' merge his music folder with mine and see the contents of both from my slimserver hardware!)


2005-08-09, 06:00
I'd like to know about this too... so I'm just giving it a bump in case someone else knows how!

Roy Owen
2005-08-09, 06:20
I use SSH tunnels and port forwarding. If you're "just around the corner"
would WiFi work?

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2005-08-09, 06:46
Yes wi-fi probably would work - and that is a backup plan - I'm just trying this option first to save my wi-fi bandwidth.

SSH tunnels ? - I will investigate!