View Full Version : Problem with 6.2 rev 3864 and MySQL?

2005-08-04, 16:24
I'm just starting to mess around with MySQL as a database back end. I'm having lots of problems, but I think I've done all the documented stuff right. When I try to start slimserver.pl under perl, I get the following error:

--- !perl/YAML::Error
msg: Invalid element in map
line: 105
document: 1
at C:/Program Files/SlimServerBeta/server/Slim/Utils/Prefs.pm line 909

Line 105 in slimserver.pref is:


I've created the MySQL slimserver user with an "old style" password of "slimserver" and created the "slimdata" database. Has the switch to the new method of storing prefs broken support for MySQL??

2005-08-05, 00:26
Well, this problem seems to have gone away. I deleted my slimserver.pref file and let slimserver.pl create a new one. I then modified:

dbpassword: ''
dbsource: dbi:SQLite:dbname=%s
dbusername: ''

..so as to invoke MySQL thusly:

dbpassword: 'slimserver'
dbsource: dbi:mysql:dbname=slimdata
dbusername: 'slimserver'

..and slimserver.pl started nicely.

Now, the slimserver.pref reads:

dbpassword: slimserver
dbsource: dbi:mysql:dbname=slimdata
dbusername: slimserver

...the quotes are gone! But it still starts.

With my library (Your music library contains 703 albums with 13201 songs by 194 artists) it seems like MySQL has a perceptible performance edge over SQLite in some situations (like browsing "cross genre" artists.)

But even absent that, v6.2 seems to be really comming along. The new WOL feature is totally cool.