View Full Version : SqueezeBox G Anomaly

Roy Owen
2005-08-03, 10:48
I have just encountered an interesting anomaly on my SBG. Firstly I've
created an SSH tunnel work to my Slimserver pc at home. If I actually run
Slimserver on work PC the display on my SBG is fine. However if I stop the
SlimServer and start the SSH tunnel the left most column of pixels has some
pixels that are "inverted". In other words when the display is supposed
blank they are lit and if the display is lit they are dark. If I reboot the
SBG everything is fine until I stop the tunnel and re-establish it. It is
always the same group of six pixels,and in the same pattern. I'm assuming
that some extraneous data is being sent to the SBG. Any ideas, and is it
going to harm my beloved SBG?


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Craig, James (IT)
2005-08-04, 02:04
I get almost exactly the same screen corruption on my SqueezeboxG but I
am not running ssh or anything like that.
It's always the first column, but I think a different set of pixels each
time it happens.

It comes and goes after reboots but I've never detected a cause.


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