View Full Version : Solutions needed for party/jukebox

2005-08-03, 06:06
Hi there,

I've scratched my head about this a few times, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

I like to use my SB at parties - it's great to give control of the music to your guests without they mixing cd's/cases up, and generally abusing your valuable music. Setting long playlists and acting like a free jukebox is fantasic.

My problem is that navigation with the remote isn't simple for someone not used to the server (too easy to stop what's currently playing, or erase the current playlist).

My workaround has been to use the 'touch' skin on a laptop - but it's not ideal (as I don't have a touch screen!).

The ideal solution for me would be a small application that did simple things very well - pause, skip track, previous track and allowed people to search easily by artist/track and add to the current playlist. Nothing more required - and no ability to screw around with settings, erase the playlist etc.

What's everyone elses take on this? How do you manage? Perhaps all your friends already have SBs :)