View Full Version : Issue after updating MP3 ID tags

2005-08-03, 06:01
I'm running slimserver-6.1.1-1.noarch.rpm and I have around 3000 MP3s it can choose from. Using MusicBrainz Tagger and MP3Tag v.2.32 to properly label my ID and file names in the following format: Artist - Album - Tracknum - Track.mp3 All the mp3s are in the same directory. Prior to my adjustment when I went into the basic search on the right it could find everything fine. Now when the crashing I uninstalled slimserver and reinstalled/configured it. When running it by hand I get the following warning and error:

[root@Reflex slimserver]# ./slimserver.pl
(This occurs just as I start the program but it still runs fine)Argument "4'\nissymlink=" isn't numeric in integer multiplication (*) at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/Time/Local.pm line 26.

(This occurs when I try searching in the basic search window after a letter is entered in)Modification of a read-only value attempted at /usr/local/slimserver/Slim/Web/HTTP.pm line 1194.

I will probably be readjusting my MP3 labeling since it should be like this:

\artist\album\artist - tracknum - track.mp3

But for now has anyone seen this error before? or should I report this straight to the developers?

Thanks, Nathaniel