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2005-08-02, 22:43
I'm having an annoying minor issue with Slimserver refusing to recognise both a newly ripped album (no odd characters in the title) and a new smart playlist. I've been through every permutation of scanning and rescanning you can imagine. I'm tempted to try playing around with the idea of NOT using Itunes any more in case its some subtle thing to do with the itunes xml - but I'd certainly miss itunes smart playlist functionality. Can I mix and match - can i tell slimserver to scan my music folder direct (it's on a teraststation) i.e. use "do not use itunes" but somehow also tell it to use itunes just for playlists - (but directly I want to use the Smart functionality so i dont want to export them from itunes.)

Alternatively anybody have any idea why slimserver should not see a single album and playlist ripped as normal in itunes and in its library - i've rescanned half a dozen times

Im using the latest nightly build on windos xp service pack 2

Craig, James (IT)
2005-08-03, 01:59
Have you checked the --d_itunes & --d_info output to see if this smart
playlist is being scanned or not?
>From what you describe it sounds like SlimServer is not scanning the
up-to-date iTunes Library - is any other new music appearing in
SlimServer that you've added to iTunes?

I believe that SS 6.2 supports playlist only scanning from iTunes but I
have not tested this yet
(I also don't really see the point unless it's incredibly fast) but note
that the iTunes scanner is brand new in 6.2 and issues like this are
entirely possible - a couple of days ago it wasn't working at all.

However the latest 6.1.2 is working fine with iTunes.


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