View Full Version : Stuttering first track when playing from MusicMagic

2005-08-02, 14:25
I realize this may be a MusicMagic mixer bug, and will post this question on their forum as well.

I consistently have problems with the first track sent to the SB2 via the MusicMagic application. It stutters and halts for the first 30+ seconds, then plays as intended. It sounds similiar to the "catching up to the end of a buffer" issue sometimes encountered playing streaming audio/video files online.


2005-08-02, 18:16
Same thing happens to me. While the playlist is loading into SlimServer you'll notice the CPU shoots to 100% usage and MusicMagic becomes unresponsive. This lasts for several minutes for about a 50 song list. If you watch the SlimServer Web interface you can see the playlist growing. Once the playlist is fully loaded, everything goes back to normal.

For a cookout a couple weeks ago I loaded a 10 hour playlist from MusicMagic and the stuttering went on for half an hour! Thank goodness my guests had not arrived yet.

I posted something about this in the MMM forum here: