View Full Version : FF/REW Enhancements ...?

2005-08-02, 09:01
In addition to automatically displaying the "now playing" screen w/ the remaining time and progress bar on pressing FF of REW, I think another helpful and intuitive feature would be for the x4,x8,x12 speeds to ramp up automatically similarly to how the volume , or title scrolling currently works "on hold". Most MP3 and CD players work this way... On button release, the player could either automatically start playing (like a CD Player) or it could continue as it does now, until Play, Pause, or the opposite scanning direction button is pressed (like some MP3 players and most video players). Perhaps this could be user configurable? Or perhaps the two could be rolled into one... where tapping the FF button "skips" 20 secs forward, and REW skips 5 sec back and resumes play automatically. Holding down the same FF/REW for longer than x seconds (user selectable?) would begin the automatic ramping described above.

One final additional tweak might be to add to or replace the existing x2,x4, etc. display with large, easy to read at a distance >,>>,>>>,etc. directional arrows.

What do others think?