View Full Version : Should Library Scanning Bring Server to a Halt (PartiallySolved)

Todd Fields
2005-08-02, 07:23
--- kdf <slim-mail (AT) deane-freeman (DOT) com> wrote:

> Under normal circumstances, it should not overload the CPU for
> a night. I have

> What can cause extended scan times are things like playlists
> that link to other
> playlists, or shortcuts/links that point back to other
> locations within your

Refresher: Server was taking several hours to scan and my PC
would be unusalbe during that time (locked up.) My Squeezebox
loses contact during scans.

I figured out one piece of my problem. Last night I was
noticing some strange duplicate tracks showing up in my library.
After looking into it I noticed that the drive that my
playlists pointed to was incorrect. Awhile back I reformatted
and rebuilt my music server and the drive letter that my library
resides on changed. I used find and replace in Wordpad to
correct these. This dramatically decreased the scanning time
from several hours to fifteen minutes or so.

However, while it is scanning my music server still acts as
though it is locked up and my Squeezebox loses contact with
SlimServer until the scan is complete.

Overall, this isn't really a problem as I rescan infrequently.