View Full Version : Softsqueeze

Michael Amster
2005-08-01, 09:38
I have a situation where I had SoftSqueeze running at work and then it
just stopped. I did a few things, but need help tracking down everything.

First off I am running SlimServer 6.1.1 on a FC3 box and I verified that
SoftSqueeze runs at home on my Linux desktop.

At work, I am on a WinXP PC, running SoftSqueeze 2.0b8 with Java
and JLayer sound driver. I am configured to run over SSH. I can start
SoftSqueeze and manuever through all the menus. When I click on any
function that would stream music, I just see "Playing", but nothing at
all streams (the timers do not increment/decrement).

I am guessing that there is some issue with UDP or a port, but am not
sure what debugging to use to narrow the problem.

Any help appreciated.