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2005-07-31, 11:34
I spent a lot of time looking for, and found this answer to my
Softsqueeze problem on a forum for another java application. I thought
it might help some other Squeezebox 2/Softsqueeze user:

After upgrading my Fedora Core 3 kernel to 2.6.12-1.1372_FC3, my
softsqueeze package quit working, giving the following error:

java.net.SocketException: Invalid argument or cannot assign requested

Fedora Core 4 users are reporting the same problem. It turns out, Java
and the application are confused about which IP version (IPv4, or IPv6)
to use, when IPv6 is available on the OS. The solution is to add the
following argument to the java command in the softsqueeze script (if
you're using the rpm version), or your java startup command (if you're
using the Platform-Independent zipped version:


The details are here:


Hope this saves someone some time!