View Full Version : SlimServer ignoring iTunes library tags??

2005-07-31, 04:51
This is probably a really dumb question or issue, so I apologies in advance.

I'm not a developer, but I love my Squeezebox, and manage to muddle through getting it to work with iTunes and the iTunesUpdate plugin.

I'm also a real stickler for uniformity and accuracy in my music library. I pride myself on the way in which my library is tagged (sort of obsessive compulsive if you get my drift).

My library is used by both MusicMatch JB10 and iTunes 4.9 and I work hard to synchronise the both of them - my MMJB use is a pre-iTunes hangup I cannot shake off, I use it when listening to music at my PC rather than itunes, then use iTunes as the tool to run the slim library and the interface to my iPods.

You'll understand therefore how frustrating it is to see incorrect information in my Slimserver library.


I added an album today to MMJB, updated the tags, added it to iTunes, did a rescan in SlimServer (with wipe) and was suprised to see the SlimServer library showing different information to both MMJB and iTunes.

In this case, it was a compilation album and I had changed the Artists tag to "Various Artists". This is OK in both applications, but SlimServer is ignoring this and showing the individual artists in the library with a track each as it was originally tagged.

Is this a cache issue? - I've been reading on other threads that the 'wipe' isn't really a wipe.

Is it a multiple tag issue - it is showing both ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.3 tags as used, but I don't have a tool that'll show me the data held in each version, to see if it's different - surely it would use the iTunes information anyway?

Any ideas at all?


SlimServer v6.1b2 (about to u/g to 6.1.2)
Squeezbox 1
iTunes 4.9
1000 albums, 400 artists, 12800 tracks