View Full Version : SlimServer loses its playlist when restarted

2005-07-30, 10:34
After using subversion to update my slimserver source, I restart slimserver by issuing /etc/init.d/slimserver restart. This in turn sends the running slimserver process a term signal (15) via start-stop-daemon --stop. Once the process dies, it is restarted and slimserver comes up happily. However, I always seem to lose my current playlist. I just had my SB2 playing for about two hours continuously, with large random playlist. Before restarting the server, I turned the SB2 off via the remote. I'd have thought this would have given it ample opportunity to write the playlist out from memory, but it seems not. I'm actually fairly certain that the playlist had already survived the server running slimserver being turned off over night and on again in the morning, so this complicates things further. What is it about restarting slimserver in this manner that causes it to forget my playlist?