View Full Version : Scanning ignores specified Music Folder

2005-07-29, 20:34
Two problems, really: Scan goes into endless loop on some playlists and the Scan ignores the specified Music Folder.

I'm using the 6.2 07/29 nightly. I was having endless loop scanning problem, so I created a music folder (I:\SomeFlac) with only 2 album directories and turned on d_scan debug flag and did a clear db and rescan.

The log showed that the scan was going through *every* directory on the disc (I:\*) and was getting stuck on a directory full of playlists - some old, some created by the previous 6.1 slimserver, some are internet radio stations. I suspected that the playlists were the cause of the endless loop and the log confirmed that, so I moved them out of my old Music Folder and didn't put them in the new 2-album Music Folder. But slimserver's scan found them anyway since the playlist folder was sitting at the root of the disc. When I moved them off that disc, the scan didn't hang - though it did continue through every folder on the disc -- not just the newly-specifed I:\SomeFlac.

I renamed the slimserver.prefs file to get a new one created, but that didn't fix the scan-the-whole-disc problem.


2005-08-02, 08:03
Looks like this is fixed.


This bug would appear to fix a whole heap of issues.

I'm going to try it out as soon as I get home tonight.