View Full Version : Scanning with debugging & logging enabled

2005-07-29, 10:34
My library, still being ripped, is only about 150 albums and 1600 tracks. Normally takes under two minutes to rescan with a db wipe.

I'm running now with file logging enbabled and --d_info --d_plugins turned on. A scan is now going on 30 minutes (with a 45MB log file being created in the process). Is this slowdown just a factor of the debugging and logging?

Odd thing is that everything seems to be already cataloged. I see lines of 'Checking status of file [filepath]' being added to the log, as if the server is making a 2nd pass over the entire music directory to check the files.

2005-07-29, 13:10
Been scanning for 3+ hours, 180+ MB log file, memory usage is now over 320 MB. :-) Still adding "Checking status of file..." entries. Looks like SlimServer is caught in an endless loop.

2005-07-29 13:58:06.1019 CacheItem: Checking status of file:///D:/Music/flac/Oliver%20Nelson (TTL: 0).
2005-07-29 13:58:06.1224 CacheItem: Checking status of file:///D:/Music/flac/Oliver%20Nelson/The%20Blues%20and%20the%20Abstract%20Truth (TTL: 0).
2005-07-29 13:58:06.1684 CacheItem: Checking status of file:///D:/Music/flac/Oliver%20Nelson/The%20Blues%20and%20the%20Abstract%20Truth/01%20Stolen%20Moments.flac (TTL: 0).
2005-07-29 13:58:06.1725 CacheItem: Checking status of file:///D:/Music/flac/Oliver%20Nelson/The%20Blues%20and%20the%20Abstract%20Truth/02%20Hoe-Down.flac (TTL: 0).
2005-07-29 13:58:06.1766 CacheItem: Checking status of file:///D:/Music/flac/Oliver%20Nelson/The%20Blues%20and%20the%20Abstract%20Truth/03%20Cascades.flac (TTL: 0).
2005-07-29 13:58:06.1808 CacheItem: Checking status of file:///D:/Music/flac/Oliver%20Nelson/The%20Blues%20and%20the%20Abstract%20Truth/04%20Yearnin%27.flac (TTL: 0).
2005-07-29 13:58:06.1851 CacheItem: Checking status of file:///D:/Music/flac/Oliver%20Nelson/The%20Blues%20and%20the%20Abstract%20Truth/05%20Butch%20And%20Butch.flac (TTL: 0).
2005-07-29 13:58:06.1894 CacheItem: Checking status of file:///D:/Music/flac/Oliver%20Nelson/The%20Blues%20and%20the%20Abstract%20Truth/06%20Teenie%27s%20Blues.flac (TTL: 0).
2005-07-29 13:58:06.1941 CacheItem: Checking status of file:///D:/Music/flac/Ottmar%20Liebert (TTL: 0).
2005-07-29 13:58:06.2165 CacheItem: Checking status of file:///D:/Music/flac/Ottmar%20Liebert/Viva! (TTL: 0).

Just a buggy side effect of scanning with logging and debugging enabled, maybe? Remind me to never do that again...